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Daniel, your guide in Israel


A specialised Jesus trail - from his home town of Nazareth, to the shores of the sea of Galilee, Mt. Beatitudes, the site of the multiplication of fish and loaves, Capernahum and the baptismal sites in the Jordan river

Dead sea



At the lowest place on earth, bath in the rich mineral waters of the Dead Sea, and the oasis springs of Ein Gedi. Take a cable car ride  to the top of the Mt. Massada, the Jewish rebel's last stand against the Roman Empire


Let me guide you through the holiest city in the world, with its rich and intricate history. Visit Mt. of Olives, Gethsemane, the Temple mount, the Wailing wall, and the fourteen stations of the Via Dolorosa to the Holy Sepulchre


Follow me to land of always summer, the southern city on the shores of the Red Sea. Snorkle beatiful coral reefs and dolphins, and maybe hop on to the copper mines of King Solomon and the ancient stone city of Petra


in the oldest city port in the world, that was visited by Jonas the prophet, Simon Peter and Napoleon, let me guide you through the secret alleyways, the ancient walls and renowned sea food restaurants

Tel Aviv

Follow me in the avenues and shores of a bustling city that never stops. Enjoy the bauhaus architecture in the white city, the modern cultural centers of plastic art, theater, dance, music and cinema

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